How it works

Our belief

Life is simply more beautiful with flowers! And it doesn't even have to be that expensive - with the idea of ​​the right delivery concept, a lot is possible.

The idea

Every week we surprise you with a new design: beautiful, lovingly and seasonally put together flowers. We deliver these directly to your home. You can quickly or calmly arrange the flowers according to our instructions or as you like.

Flowers subscription

Our delivery concept is primarily designed for flower subscriptions: This means you can enjoy wonderful flowers conveniently and regularly. It allows us to plan efficiently and in advance together with the gardeners. This creates an incomparable price-performance ratio.

It's that easy

Choose your subscription (or a single delivery)

Determine your delivery frequency and subscription period. You can pause or change delivery dates at any time - very flexible, very uncomplicated.

We deliver the flowers: a surprise every week

The Blumenliebe team puts together beautiful combinations every week and sends the flowers directly to your home.

Design your own
floral artwork

Arrange the flowers according to your taste or according to our instructions and enjoy the blossoming into your floral work of art.